What Problems Can Cognitive Hypnotherapy Treat?

Whilst many in the mental health sector spend a great deal of effort categorising different types of problem, I don't find it useful. Diagnostic labels like 'Depression', 'Generalised Anxiety Disorder' or 'PTSD' only help to solidify the problem by having the client believe their identity includes this think called 'Depression'. It's not helpful when considering which intervention to use. Whether you've had a formal diagnosis or not, whether you know exactly what's bothering you or you 'just don't feel right' - I'm happy to discuss the issue with you. Hypnosis is most often used for changing emotional responses, habitual behaviours and ways of thinking - those things we have little direct control over. The following issues are the most common:

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Hypnosis can help with so many issues. In addition to helping with the problematic conditions such as depression, anxiety conditions, addictions, guilt, shame and anger, etc. hypnosis also help with performance issues, getting clear on goals and motivation. Most people need a little therapy once in a while, even if it's just to get clear on issues that won't go away by themselves. Book a session today.