Stop Smoking – Stacking The Odds In Your Favour

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Smoking cessation should be a simple and painless process, yet the perception and experience for many is anything but.

At the bottom of the market are the 'off the shelf' stop smoking CD and downloads.  These do work for some people but the results tend to be poor overall.  The main reason for this is that no two smokers are the same and the triggers, reasons, and emotional connections for every client is different.  Many smokers are using cigarettes to manage stress and when they stop smoking the emotional problem goes unresolved. Hypnosis works best when all the stressors are dealt with first and then the cessation is specifically tailored to the client, focusing on what they get, not what they perceive they are losing.

Typically two to three sessions are required. The initial consultation to do the ground work. Then to work on removing the negative conditioning and stress triggers. Then, lastly, the more hypnotic work to seal the deal. Naturally, with any treatment, results vary between clients, some need more help than others and some people need different approaches.

If you're motivated to stop, whether you're looking to save money, improve your health or save a relationship, book your session today.

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Hypnosis can help with so many issues. In addition to helping with the problematic conditions such as depression, anxiety conditions, addictions, guilt, shame and anger, etc. hypnosis also help with performance issues, getting clear on goals and motivation. Most people need a little therapy once in a while, even if it's just to get clear on issues that won't go away by themselves. Book a session today.