Mail on Sunday Smears Hypnotist

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There is a piece in The Mail on Sunday that smears Trevor Silvester, one of the UK's most respected hypnotists.  Trevor spent many years working with the Mail's current target, Kid's Company.  His work helped hundreds of children involved with drugs, gangs and hopelessness.  Much of it was voluntary work at the Kid's Company premises.  From the Mail's piece you'd think children were turning up at Harley Street in stretched limos with wads of cash.

I know Trevor well, his many books and training have helped thousands of people learn how to help others.  There are hundreds of Quest trained Cognitive Hypnotherapists out there today all thanks to Trevor and his wife Rebecca.

The piece went out of its way to present Trevor and his work as weird and left-field.  Of course hypnosis is weird it draws upon resources that people aren't aware they have.  So what?  At no point did they ask the mysterious former client, 'did the treatment work?'  Actually I suspect they did, but that might ruin a good story.

I have a bad taste in my mouth after reading the smear piece.  Trevor's reputation will not be harmed by it. He is too loved and respected by his clients and fellow hypnotists.  So I have to ask the question as to what purpose the piece serves.  Why did they choose not to use Trevor's response to the journalists enquiry?  Why didn't they compare the effectiveness of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy to NHS treatments for drug addiction - now that's a scandal worth investigating....  Why didn't they mention the recent publication in the Mental Health Review Journal showing the effectiveness of Quest based Cognitive Hypnotherapy - better results that Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (the only government approved system of therapy for anxiety and depression).

There was no attempt to look for light, or truth; there was just the intention of smearing for the sake of smearing.  It's really sad that a human being would spend his life doing this work.  It's sad and pathetic.  I feel very sorry for this journalist.  I don't know what happened to him as a human being to turn him away from a positive, productive career.  I don't know why cynicism is so attractive to him.  Clearly people that make their life about making other people feel small and unworthy, have very low opinion of themselves.  I just hope that he will one day find something better to do with his life.

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