Better Sleep – Can Hypnosis Make it Effortless?

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There are few things that sabotage a day more than a poor night's sleep and if it continues our mental and physical health can suffer.  

There are also a wide range of issues affecting the duration and quality of sleep.

Hypnosis has been used for many years to improve the quality of sleep for many. Our sleep is managed by a host of unconscious systems within the nervous system and hypnosis is one of the only impactful methods for addressing problems in these areas.

If you're suffering from:

  • too little (insomnia) or too much (hypersomnia) sleep
  • nightmares
  • poor quality of sleep
it's worth calling for an appointment and an assessment. Hypnosis can help with all of these issues. You may already have tried off-the-shelf hypnosis products for sleep with varying results. The advantage of booking a hypnotherapy session will be that the treatment will be tailored to your exact situation.

In most situations, in addition to the initial treatment, you will be able to benefit from a bespoke MP3 track to listen to at night that will help you get into a normal and natural healthy sleep routine.

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