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Cognitive Hypnotherapy: Latest Research

Results published in The Mental Health Review show Cognitive Hypnotherapy to be effective in 73% of depression and anxiety cases. That’s better than Cognitive Behavioural Therapy which typically takes longer. Details of pilot study.


The glue that holds Cognitive Hypnotherapy sessions together and makes them uniquely powerful.

The Quest Institute:

The training, the people and reason why Questies are so respected.

Mail on Sunday Smears Hypnotist:

My reply to the vile attack on Trevor Silvestor, following the Kids Company meltdown.

Positive Psychology

The paradigm shift that brought therapy into the 21st century.


"Why do some people seem to manage life's problems and some people dont'?"


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Eye Movement Therapy EMDR, IEMT and EMI

Eye movement therapy is one of the fastest growing treatments for serious PTSD/trauma. Find out how you can benefit.

Mail on Sunday Smears Top Hypnotist:

Shameless journalism at its worst.

Fear of HIV Disclosure?

Panic as HIV Clinic Releases Patient Names by Mistake

Extreme Phobias, Extreme Quacks:

Exposure Therapy might by good for TV ratings

Drugs Are Not The Answer:

The foolish search for a drug therapy to treat trauma.

The Fourth 'F'

Fight, Flight and Freeze are common behaviours in therapy...

Better Sleep

When mental health suffers, so does sleep. When sleep suffers, so does mental health.



Nearly all clients find that anxiety is a component of their of their problem. If a client is seeking a behavioural change it’s often the case that that behaviour is their long-standing attempt to address the anxiety, e.g. alcohol, drugs, avoidance, etc. which has become the new chronic problem.

Psychosensory and Eye Movement Treatments

Embarrassingly fast treatments for anxiety and trauma.


Rising levels of depression are leading to rising levels of over- prescription of anti- depressants. These mask the symptoms of depression. They allow people to cope but not thrive.
Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers evidence based treatments to end depression in most cases.

Anger, Guilt & Anxiety - The Tree-Pillars of Depression

Treatments of one or all of the pillars can collapse the condition.


Weekend binges of GBL and crystal meth are killing many and leaving others with co-infections of HIV and Hep-C. ChemSex in London is out of control. Which came first, the low self-esteem or the addiction? When did partying on London’s gay sceen go so wrong?

Suicide and Young Gay Men

Why are shocking numbers of young gay men taking measures to end their lives?


Trauma is all around. Death, injury, assault, relationship breakdown, fired at work. Most people bounce back, due to resiliance. When the trauma exceeds the resilience you have PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Cognitive Hypnotherapy offers fast and effective treatments.

HIV Diagnosis and the Process of Adjustment

One man's open and honest story of dealing with HIV diagnosis.

Weight Issues:

Inner wisdom vs. the Nutrition Nazis


100's of causes of bad sleep. Let's identify and treat the cause.


Extreme Phobias, Extreme Quacks

Weight Issues:

England's Top Doc Doesn't Understand Obesity

Drug Addiction:

Drugs aren't a big problem for most people.  So why ban drugs for everybody?

Psychosensory and Eye Movement Treatments:

Embarasingly fast treatments for anxiety and trauma.

Stop Smoking with Cognitive Hypnotherapy:

Treatments are effective because they are tailored to your specific problem.

Dental Phobias:

I'm scared of the dentist.  It's more common than you think.


Better Sleep:

Fall to sleep easier and stay asleep longer with hypnosis.

Stop Smoking:

Bespoke treatments for smoking cessation.

Weight Issues:

Are unresolved emotinal issues behind weight loss, bulemia and anorexia?

Relax More:

Use hypnosis to help improve physical and mental relaxation.


Deletion, Distortion and Generalisation:

The mechanism which filter what we pay attention to and how to use them.


The universe can be capricious so we need to be able to manage our responses in a healthy way.

The Fourth 'F'

Hypnosis helps us to deal with an over-responsive 'fight, flight and flee' mechanism. Is there a fourth 'F'?


An introduction to eye movement work for PTSD and trauma. Why such great results?

video resources

How To Make Stress Your Friend

Kelly McGonigal's TED talk

Kelly McGonigal tears apart the traditional understanding of stress, encouraging us to make friends with that old enemy.

Everything We Think We Know About Addiction is Wrong:

Based on Jahann Hari's modern classic 'Chasing the Scream'

Positive Psychology:

How to create your Gratitude Journal


No Laughing Matter


Therapy, Bob Newhart style.

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